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Who we are

Who we are

HM is a boutique consulting firm with a track record spanning several decades. HM has attained the highest level of performance thanks to its international network of independent consultants with ample experience in emerging markets, multinationals and governmental entities.

HM specializes in the energy, mining, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors. Our strategic consulting services empower our clients when facing highly complex scenarios where government and private businesses intersect.

We provide corporate finance solutions and consulting services in conjunction with a wide network of international counterparts.



Economic and Political Climate

HM has developed an economic forecasting model gauging major economic variables. The model has been awarded as the best in the country by the renowned international provider of economic analysisFocusEconomics.

macroeconomic talks

Macroeconomic Talks

HM gives executive presentations on the international and local macroeconomic climate for high-level audiences. We provide a top-down analysis of Ecuador’s macroeconomic situation in tandem with the main worldwide economic trends and the economic and political environment in Ecuador.

macroeconomic report

Microeconomic Report Subscription

Our monthly report provides an informed and judicious vision of the macroeconomic situation in Ecuador, accompanied by four quarterly forecast updates and periodic news articles


HM has the economic and econometric analysis tools to explore relevant markets as well as measure the existence of market power and anticompetitive practices. HM has consulted for and successfully defended various clients in public inquiries at the national and Andean level; in industrial, retail, transportation, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.


Merger & Acquisition Notifications
In case of a merger and acquisition transaction, the relevant authorities must be notified of the merits of the operation and of its possible effects on the competitive environment.

Identifying Relevant Markets
In order to analyze the structure, conduct, and performance of an industry, the relevant market must be identified by establishing the substitutes’ basket with robust quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Economic Defense
When there are allegations or inquiries relating to unfair competitive practices, a defense based on economic metrics is a key addition to the legal and administrative arguments provided by any legal team. Economic studies provide the defense with strong arguments and constitute expert opinions independent from the criteria of local authorities.


Our S.P.I.N. methodology in strategy design and planning is what enables our clients to successfully navigate the highly complex scenarios that arise when government and private businesses intersect.

We meticulously analyze the client’s business and systemic challenges as they relate to the economic, political and social environment. Once we have a completed a thorough assessment, we design the strategy and plan of action in order to attain sustainable goals, mitigating and managing risks.

hands strategy


System analysis
Risk analysis
Strategy design
Action plans

policy money


Political landscape
Non-market analysis
Policy assessment
Policy design

intelligence humboldt


Economic outlook
Industry assessment
Stakeholder mapping
Information gathering

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Cultural immersion
Coordination of teams
Follow-up activities
Debriefing and feed back



Corporate Finance

HM offers financial advisory services in alliance with international funds and banks, specifically in:

Mergers and Acquisitions
International Financing
Financial Analysis



HM maintains strategic partnerships with the best counterparts at the local and international levels:

GBS Finanzas



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